I am a graduate student in the Department of Political Science at Emory University. My research focuses on lobbying, Congress and government personnel. I am particularly interested in the revolving door and the influence of private interests in public policy. I have also written about presidential approval polling and the politicization of television news.

Prior to coming to Emory, I spent three years in Washington DC working on Capitol Hill, as a nonprofit lobbyist, and in online advocacy.

My recent working paper The Value of Who You Know: Revolving Door Lobbyists and Congressional Staff Connections can be downloaded here.

This paper examines the value of connections for revolving door lobbyists, finding a substantial monetary premium for those lobbyists that maintain connections to their former congressional staff colleagues. I also show that legislator connections are less valuable than previously thought, once staff networks are accounted for.

My CV is available here, and my contact information can be found here.